Art Director  
& Photographer

Ace &TatePhotos for Ace & Tates new project SUNSET TO SUNRISE —  to introduce their tinted lenses.

COEVAL MagazineUnder Surveillance - a story I did with Ellen Grace for COEVAL Magazine. 

Photography and Art Direction for HOPE’s Pre Fall Collection. With Asal and Melissa. Styling by Sarah Niklasson.

Art Direction and Graphic Design for Nuda Paper nr 2. Nuda Paper is a independent culture magazine from Stockholm. Photo stories, interviews and art covering 151 pages. Photos of the magazine: Frida Vega.

Photography and Art Direction for HOPE’s Shirt Campaign. With Helin, Lucas and Johanna.

Art Direction for BOW LABELs second campaign together with Photographer Hedvig Jenning. Published in Metal Magazine.

H&M Lookbook

Art Direction for H&M lookbook. Campagin images for the site including Divided, H&M Man and Kids.

Mih Jeans

Photography and Art Direction for Mih jeans. A short instagram story with friends Nike Felldin and Matilde Rasmussen.

Space Matters
Art Direction and Photography for Space Matters series The Women - Intimate interviews with women who inspire. Styled by Space Matters’ editor Nike Felldin.

See the series here
NimCajsa / Alexandra

Ongoing project.

Fatima & Ellen

Art Direction and Photography by me for Amanda Gerells collection: 4 u, a satin stitched greenery. A story about women, the day after and female friendship.
Stylist: Julia Häggblom

Read more at Rodeo Magazine


Volatile is a photo series about mental health problems among women, but also about strength, sisterhood and conversation. Through portraits, I share stories about the meetings and conversations with the young women whom I've met. With Volatile I want to start a dialogue about mental health problems and the strength required to live with vulnerability. I also want to problematize the concept of "the strong woman", since there are many different definitions of strength. You can never be truly strong, unless you also are truly vulnerable.

Exhibition at Strindbergsgatan 31, in Stockholm.

Read more about Volatile at BON.

Helin Cassandra Senait
Cornelia Sara Maja Nora Saga


An ongoing photo serie of amazing Girls. 


Visual identity for Studio Obvious exhibition OBVIOUS.

Studio Obvious was founded in 2015 by Matilda Beckman and Erika Emerén. The initiative is a result of an often male-dominated design and craft world where Studio Obvious want women to take up a larger and more obvious space. With the exhibition OBVIOUS they want to open a discussion about who is allowed to take place on the current design stage.

Participating in the exhibition Studio 61: Northern Design at the Anchorage Museum in Alaska.

Fashion Film 

Beckmans Fashion Collaboration 2015 is an project between the fashion- and visual communications programmes at Beckmans College of Design, and seven Swedish fashion brands. Fashion byNorea Wahlbäck and Marika Ekblad, for House of Dagmar. Together with Agga Stage.

See the film here


Andromeda is a serie of Risograph-printed photos. Andromeda was shown at a vernissage at the store WOS in Stockholm.

You can find Andromeda at WOS, Arrivals. and at the Bookstore Konst-ig in Stockholm.
My Graduation Project at Beckmans College of Design. The project consist the website, a digital platform for discovering and sharing typefaces by women, an exhibition at Beckmans College of Design with of posters of my female role models typed in their own typefaces and a typeface designed by me - Typequality font.

Eye on Design
Grafik Magazine
Women of Graphic Design